Confusion about How to Eat Flax Seed

is milled flaxseed good for you?

When people want to start healthy living as a lifestyle, there are always questions. They may know vaguely that some health food items are beneficial, but do not know if they are better in pill form, ground up, or as a liquid. That’s why many consumers are confused when it comes to flax seed, which can be pressed into an oil, ground, or eaten whole. Specifically, many might hear of ground flax seed and wonder, is milled flax seed good for you?

The truth is, ground/milled flax seed is the best way to eat flax seed as a food. However, the one caveat to this is that the flax seed needs to always be refrigerated after grinding, and is best eaten fresh. Only when the flax seed is ground do the nutrients inside come out and are able to be digested. Otherwise, flax seed eaten whole is just a form of fiber; the seed is not digested and the contents inside are therefore not utilized.